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Dear Friends,


Several times over the past couple of years, I’ve been in church listening to the sermon and I’ve had the slightly uncomfortable feeling that the pastor was talking directly to me.  Just to me.  Then I get distracted for a moment wondering if my wife or a dear friend has personally called the pastor earlier in the week and asked, “Hey, could you talk to Jeff about (insert topic here) on Sunday?”  It has happened enough that I’ve looked at my wife or that dear friend during the service and they both gave me the universal sign of their thumb and pinky to their ear and mouth like they’re on the phone, and then just wink at me.  So, honestly, I’m not sure if they call or not.  Really, I’m not sure.


Well, it recently happened again.  During this particular service, it was shared that our faithfulness provides our fruitfulness.  And this spoke to me.  It spoke to me about you, our residents in financial need, and the fulfilled promise that no one has ever been asked to leave Penick Village who has outlived their means.  Not ever.  This is possible because of you, and many like you over the past 55 years, whose faithfulness has been, and continues to be, great.  Your faithfulness in the Penick Village family’s mission and this special ministry has provided much fruitfulness; the fruitfulness of helping so many people in need.


This year alone your faithfulness is helping 13.3 percent of our residents.  Over the past 10 years, Penick Village has provided over 14.5 million dollars of support, and it will continue on this year.  For years, I’ve been blessed to see the faithfulness of many.  Please know, without a doubt, that your support is fruitful for our residents and those who love them dearly.


In this season of grace and gratitude, I thank you for your faithfulness to our mission, and I hope you will join my wife and I with a gift to support this special need; it will be fruitful.


May this season of joy be full of many blessings to you and those you love.



Jeffrey I. Hutchins

Chief Executive Officer


P.S.  To give online, please visit  Or, if you would like more information about making a tax-free gift from your IRA, please call me directly at (910) 692-0353.  Thank you!



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