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2017 Penick Village Foundation

Mother’s Day Offering


May 2017

Dear Friend,

In March, I was at a luncheon with most of my mom’s side of the family. During lunch, my cousin shared a story of his grandson’s first birthday party. There were about 15 adults at the party, and everyone was hoping this little guy was going to take his first steps – he was so close. He would stand on both feet, wobble, and tease the whole group. They would cheer him on, and he would sit. This went on through the entire party until, at last, he took his first few steps. Everyone was thrilled!

My sister responded, “Don’t you wish every kid had a cheerleading section like that?” “Yes,” I thought, “and I wish every adult did too.” Everyone needs to be cheered on throughout his or her life, and every family needs to be cheered on. The Penick Village family is no different. We need to be cheered on – and we are. You, and others like you, have been our cheerleading section by encouraging and allowing us to take big, wonderful, momentous steps of love.

You have cheered for, believed in, and generously supported us since our first steps of providing financial assistance when we opened our doors in 1964. Because of your support, no one who has run into financial difficulties,

through no fault of their own, has ever had to leave the Penick Village family. This year, we will provide more than $1,600,000 of financial assistance. We know we have never taken these steps alone; thank you!

I would be grateful if you would join me in making a gift to our 2017 Mother’s Day Campaign to support our residents who have outlived their resources. A gift of any amount will make a significant difference in the lives of our residents and those who love them.

Thank you for all you do to support and cheer on all the steps the Penick Village family takes in caring for and serving others. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

With much appreciation,

Jeffrey I. Hutchins

Chief Executive Officer


For more information about the Penick Village Foundation, please contact Hunter Wortham at 910.692.0492 or

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For more information about the Penick Village Foundation, please contact:

Hunter W. Wortham

Chief Development Officer 

Office: 910.692.0492

Cell: 757.287.0374

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