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History of Penick

_MG_9283The idea for Penick Village was first advanced by Bishop Edwin A. Penick in the late 1950s and found its home in Southern Pines thanks to a generous gift from Mrs. James Boyd, who donated 13.5 acres of land adjacent to the Weymouth Nature Preserve. This gift gave Penick Village the good fortune to be developed in one of the oldest and most quaint sections of Southern Pines – just a few blocks from downtown, only ten minutes from the Village of Pinehurst. Ground was broken for the first building in 1962 and the doors opened to residents on April 15, 1964.

Bishop Penick

Bishop Penick

Since that time, Penick Village has grown to 38 acres, added 48 cottages and duplexes, a Health Services Building a new community center and much more. Residential apartments and houses, assisted living and skilled nursing are all provided on the Penick Village campus. Penick’s campus recently expanded again adding seven more cottages, 69 residential apartments, and the Village House, which serves as the central hub for all activities, including dining, entertainment, socials, classes, and town hall meetings. There has also been an innovative assisted living component called the Garden Cottage added to the campus.

Penick Village has just entered into its 50th year of service and a lot has changed. But even as Penicks continues to evolve and innovatively plan for the future, one thing will never change- our dedication to our residents, recognizing our responsibilty to enrich their lives and maintain their health for as long as possible.

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